Customer services

Support Contacts

  • Technical Support: 314.810.3856
  • Rebuilds: 314.810.3908
  • Parts Order: 314.810.3994

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Rebuild & Retool

Hydromat has an extensive rebuild and modernization department, dedicated to upgrading and rebuilding your Hydromat machine after years of exhausting machining.

Our Customer Service department is able to repair and test components within 8 hours in most cases. Complete machine rebuilds are also preformed at our St. Louis facilities on a per-customer basis. After parts are repaired or rebuilt they are put through a series of tests and calibrations to ensure complete satisfaction.

For more information on the rebuild process or to request a quote. Contact the sales department at: 314.810.3908

Standing the Test of Time

Hydromat machines are so reliable and durable that machines when maintained will last 15-20 years on average. With an ever-growing fleet of machines spread all across the world, updating components and technologies is a committed endevour of the Customer Service department.